Less than Infinite

Finite life, finite Earth, finite sun and stars

Living, breathing, dying in infinitely expanding space?

Timelines intertwining, connecting and breaking

Infinite alternatives to limited self-identities?

Chasms of space in unfathomable proportions.

Temperatures scorching and freezing to extremity.

Infinitesimal points scream and devour light.

Overheating stars expanding, exploding, dead.

Constantly consuming, stretching wider all the time

Separating everything from all things, indefinitely.

When things drift so far apart we’ll never see them,

Will we remember there was anything at all?

What lurks in those unfathomable chasms of the void?

Shall we search them for objects, monsters, or God?

Does one thought fill immensity,  or just our fragile minds?

Is life forever finite? Are we forever small?


What does it matter to you or I anyway?

While the space and time is here and now

Everyone dies and nothing lasts forever.

I love you, so please, don’t let me come down.

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