Born In A Storm

I planted my flowers in a storm without a center.
Everything they needed poured onto them from the wind.
The higher they grow, their roots go deeper,
And the more they feel the pouring sky above the heads.
They asked me when the rain would stop, and I answered,
Telling them they were planted in a storm without an end.
Since then my flowers have gotten quieter,
And I don't really know what they perceive or understand.
The answer was simple, but they seem desperate to comprehend.
What it means to be a flower is beyond me,
And beyond them, I'm beginning to suspect.
They were lost in the storm and looking for themselves.
Growing up and growing old, evolving in place.
Whatever meaning they may have, might blow by them perchance.
Unfortunately, they're all quite mad.

4 thoughts on “Born In A Storm

  1. It is very interesting and the concept is fresh and beautiful. And the best part is, a film started playing in my head as I was reading it, and well it’s flexible enough to be molded into different scenarios.
    however could you please explain what you really meant by
    this line “Whatever meaning they may have, might blow by them perchance”, and this too “What it means to be a flower is beyond me, and beyond them, I’m beginning to suspect.”
    I would also love to hear you reading it …..


    1. Thank you for the kind words. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I guess I was just thinking about Identity, and the difference between what we perceive about ourselves vs the world we live in. I don’t know what the flowers think of themselves, and I’m not sure they really know what they think of themselves either, but maybe the answer will come to them one day.


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