personal impermanence

Nothing, not even people,
Feel real
When they come and go 
Popping in and out of life
Like fireflys in the night
And going dark
After they leave the room

It kills me inside
To watch them say goodbye
But I need them to know
How badly I know
Our brief time together
Was so precious
It's alarming

It all fades away
Nothing sacred in the face
Of the money machine
Replacing all of us endlessly
So even pleasant meetings
Between innocent strangers
Feel disturbing

Sometimes I pretend
It isn't hollowing my soul
To repeat the same trends
Making ends meet the ends
With this face or that voice
Crashing in to tear away
Some of me

Words and actions
Break illusions, build dreams
Being lost human beings
We collide where we feed
Broken hearted, purely broken
Dead in the head crazy
Danger, precious things

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