personal impermanence

Nothing, not even people,
Feel real
When they come and go 
Popping in and out of life
Like fireflys in the night
And going dark
After they leave the room

It kills me inside
To watch them say goodbye
But I need them to know
How badly I know
Our brief time together
Was so precious
It's alarming

It all fades away
Nothing sacred in the face
Of the money machine
Replacing all of us endlessly
So even pleasant meetings
Between innocent strangers
Feel disturbing

Sometimes I pretend
It isn't hollowing my soul
To repeat the same trends
Making ends meet the ends
With this face or that voice
Crashing in to tear away
Some of me

Words and actions
Break illusions, build dreams
Being lost human beings
We collide where we feed
Broken hearted, purely broken
Dead in the head crazy
Danger, precious things

Screens In Her Eyes

She reminds me of a girl
That I once held
Through a shivering gale
Who smiled and didn't know
As we were snuggled up
Our hearts would break
In ways we never imagined

Blue light in her eyes
It's the media that we loved
Bleeding out of dark screens
On dark nights 
Without awareness
Dreaming separate dreams
And falling in love with our visions

Her ghost stained the bed
I slept in for centuries
Without hope or forgiveness
For any one or thing
But to feel something sweet
One day, for a while
Again before the ghost
I leave behind rots away


Jesus Christ was killed again
Before the bible was ever written
When Rome adopted the faith of slaves
And made it a tool of oppression

Religious freedom died as well
Before they made the Liberty Bell
When Capital became supreme
Our spirits bound to earth and hell

Salvation may as well exist
In dollar bills and banquets
Where we pretend we still hear God
As we suck its bloody wrists

Apacalypses come and go
We haven't gone to heaven though
Maybe if we just keep pushing
We'll finally break the world enough

Or rather than pursue our death
We might stumble on some path
That reawakens something deep
Enough to bury our troubled past

If there's any light to see
Outside our Christianity
The source is unbenownst
But somehow tangible to me

Jesus Christ can rest in peace
All God's children take a piece
To share without the threat of force
Or Hell when we're deceased. 

Dying Wish

We're all going to die.
Losing my religion didn't stop the end of days.
Revelations don't stop coming.
Illusions obscure our true doom's gaze.

Confronting death trying to survive,
Reaching out to reach back inside,
Making right what must end.

I'd like to carry you to the last puddle on Earth,
Holding onto one another as the empires fall.
Or, knowing well they all must end,
We band together to bury them all.

Laughing all the way to the grave,
We paved the road to more innocent days.
In peace, health, and love;
Waving goodbye to our ghosts and old ways.

Mortal Ideas

In a labyrinth of words

Where ideals meet the sinews of flesh and bone

We learn there are as many broken hearts

As swords and broken bodies.

Love hopes never to ache so badly,

Quietly praying to conquer everything

In the end, knowing what must never happen

Has happened and will again.

Human beings always believing,

Being beasts in angels' dreams,

In anything but the inevitable disaster

Of being born for suffering.


Biology is a beautiful spectacle 
Beautiful, but tyrannical
Brutal by any measurement
Breaking, constantly, and re-arranging Itself, bit-by-bit, spiraling towards Infinity where it meets death
Partially or fully,
Where I wonder why we're still going
Or whether what's gone
Is worse than what's still living,
The fear of loss and of existing
Dialectically breathing dust into awareness.
Soft, shifting dust
Puzzled out perpetually into pieces
So nothing stays complete.
Not brains nor bodies,
As nature clamours to dig deep
And pull us through this twister
Whether or not we comprehend.

This House Was Always Haunted

If you can find it, 
I dare you to look inside

The black house on a hill
Where three suicides were survived,

The remnants of their pain
Reach vapourously for a light

To expose their nakedness,
And the hollowness of their eyes.

If you're nearby,
Why not chance a look?

The forgotten undead
Would be glad to have known you.

There are fantastic stories
Hidden under the splintered floors,

Romances and tragedies
That you could be part of.

Why not have tea
With a dysfunctional malevolence?

The eyes that inspect
Every movement, chill, and hush,

Have a hunger for your love,
You devotion, your affection

And a hatred for pain,
And the gentleness of touch.

She's wrapped up in sheets,
In the bedroom, where she lived

Still hungry, still aching,
Still decaying from inside.

This Halloween, you should go,
She'll be delighted

To find the Haunted House
Is where she has always resided.

Cup of Midnight

There's a bitter black tea 

At my favorite cafe,

Wormwood black, like a poisonous

Dark chocolate,

That I like to guzzle on a

Wet, windy day;

So perfectly perverse, so warm and

Tingley to my pallette.

When October turns cold and my

Temper turns brittle,

Solace seems as off as the

Sweetness of Spring.

Shedding the skin of a

Wiltering flower,

The crow and the raven within me

Must sing.

Like showers of kisses, with hints of

Smoke and ripe cherries,

And passions pulling thick as wads

Of black licorice,

I'll fall, diving down with you

Into dust,

And die in the moment to make

Everything perfect.

Born In A Storm

I planted my flowers in a storm without a center.
Everything they needed poured onto them from the wind.
The higher they grow, their roots go deeper,
And the more they feel the pouring sky above the heads.
They asked me when the rain would stop, and I answered,
Telling them they were planted in a storm without an end.
Since then my flowers have gotten quieter,
And I don't really know what they perceive or understand.
The answer was simple, but they seem desperate to comprehend.
What it means to be a flower is beyond me,
And beyond them, I'm beginning to suspect.
They were lost in the storm and looking for themselves.
Growing up and growing old, evolving in place.
Whatever meaning they may have, might blow by them perchance.
Unfortunately, they're all quite mad.

Falling For …

Cool, quiet,and still mornings; alone.
A chord striking, resonating, and going silent.
Pale light still warm enough to touch faces.
A pit in your stomach, nowhere to go.

Fall, fall, September;
Autumn sadness, stillness,
Peace and horror.
Burning, burning, bonfires and leaves;
Passions singing, sang, and then falter.

You'll never know their love again.
The sky is beautiful, blissful, and so are you.