Jesus Christ was killed again Before the bible was ever written When Rome adopted the faith of slaves And made it a tool of oppression Religious freedom died as well Before they made the Liberty Bell When Capital became supreme Our spirits bound to earth and hell Salvation may as well exist In dollar bills … Continue reading Heresy

Dying Wish

We’re all going to die. Losing my religion didn’t stop the end of days. Revelations don’t stop coming. Illusions obscure our true doom’s gaze.Confronting death trying to survive,Reaching out to reach back inside,Making right what must end.I’d like to carry you to the last puddle on Earth,Holding onto one another as the empires fall.Or, knowing … Continue reading Dying Wish

Mortal Ideas

In a labyrinth of wordsWhere ideals meet the sinews of flesh and boneWe learn there are as many broken heartsAs swords and broken bodies.Love hopes never to ache so badly,Quietly praying to conquer everything In the end, knowing what must never happenHas happened and will again.Human beings always believing,Being beasts in angels’ dreams,In anything but … Continue reading Mortal Ideas


Biology is a beautiful spectacle Beautiful, but tyrannical Brutal by any measurement Breaking, constantly, and re-arranging Itself, bit-by-bit, spiraling towards Infinity where it meets deathPartially or fully,Where I wonder why we’re still going Or whether what’s goneIs worse than what’s still living,The fear of loss and of existingDialectically breathing dust into awareness.Soft, shifting dustPuzzled out … Continue reading Bio-phobia


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