The Spider And The Wolf

In the cleft of a remote mountain lived a harem of ravenous spiders. Sheets of webbing stretched from end to end, defining the extent of their domain. Its sides were steep and treacherous. Rabbits, foxes, and the occasional stray elk that wandered too close would inevitably wind up trapped there. Many desperate crows also found … Continue reading The Spider And The Wolf

Pleasant Springs

I don’t know why, But cruelty always lived in that town. Maybe it was in the water, Regularly dosing the inhabitants As it was swallowed every day. Perhaps it was under the influence Of some madness inducing parasite, Indifferent to it’s casualties. Or maybe it was cursed By the remnant of some spirit, Exercising wrath … Continue reading Pleasant Springs

Jane’s Therapy

It must be said that I don’t expect this story to be in any way believed. That being so, it doesn’t trouble me one way or another. I’m not hoping to convince anyone or solicit any kind of sympathy. I’m only hoping that the act of writing will provide me with some kind of catharsis. … Continue reading Jane’s Therapy


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