Defiance In Love

Lucifer fell

Into the quiet twilight

To look through the window

Of a secluded home.

Her silver wings chilled

In the pine-scented air,

With the frost on her breath

Rising against the glass.

The last waneing candle

Threw light to the form

Wrapped up in a blanket

Collapsed on the floor.

Hand to the frame

And her face pressing close,

The light and the shadow

Danced over the reposed

While frost ate away

The one brain who still knew

What depths of tribulation

The Angels went through.

The insanity of fortune,

The lunacy of life,

The meaningless chasm

Of fractured love.

Reposed on the floor,

In seven breaths or less,

Of a sudden and quiet

Didn’t work anymore.

The death of a dream

Like a paradise of light

Lost from expectation,

From memory, and sight.

Lucifer fell

Away from the pane

With a sigh at her lips

And eyes shuttered with rage.

The frost in her wings,

The misery that aches,

The cruelty in love

Of defiance to faith.



From a pair of eyes outside myself,

I imagine I’d seem ridiculous.

In poor health ridiculing fate while

I’m too stubborn to take my medicine.

When every battle is both win and lose

Yet somehow I’m still competing.

Broken into submission so often despite

holding onto my dominion.

Conquest without progress

Like rage without any outlets.

Pride without a thing to gain

But I can’t stand to swallow it.

An empire made of nothing

As though anything is worth dying for.

Foolishness, addiction, or fear,

Alive to kill my time some more.