Poison, Pain, and Punishment

He didn’t like the taste.

Both bitter sweet and acrid.

His tongue and throat incensed with displeasure

With a disposition towards inducing vomit.

He swallowed and held in the bile.

It was painful but necessary.

There was no avoiding that poison,

and the sooner it was finished the better.

Ahh, true apothecary.

He could feel it settling in his stomach.

Very soon it would pass into the bloodstream

setting his nerves afire punishingly.

But he knew he would not die.

Pain beyond pain, agony, torture,

but he would not die.

This was not a death sentence.

It was a pain to last a lifetime.

To be remembered, never truly fading,

unless one was miserable enough to become numb to it.

“Fuck you Eve,” he said to himself.

It wasn’t fair, but that was how he felt.

He knew he was getting what he deserved.

But that didn’t stop the anger, or the resentment.

The poison dissolved quickly. He could feel it now.

“God damn you Eve!” He shouted. “God damn! Fuck me!”

Tears fell. Profanities were spat. The worst was soon over.

But the pain was always there beneath the surface.